Your Innate Golf Swing

Everyone has an innate golf swing. The key to playing your best golf is unlocking your innate swing.

Despite quantum advances in equipment technology and a plethora of free information via the internet, the average handicap of the once-a-week golfer has remained virtually the same for the past fifty years!

After teaching golf for over thirty years, and given over ten-thousand lessons, I am convinced that our obsession with proper technique is the greatest obstacle to improvement.

Traditional golf instruction is based on the presupposition that our natural instincts are all wrong.

While inherent talent varies considerably, everyone has some degree of ability to hit a ball with a stick. Relying solely on instinct, most of us can throw a ball or swing a bat with a reasonable amount of success.

Learning to swing a golf club properly, however, now that’s a different story.

The search for technical perfection leads to instruction systems based on an endless loop of correcting one flaw only to have it supplanted by another.

Do you recall the story of the boy and the hole in the dam?

Have you ever seen a youngster whacking balls at a practice range when a well-meaning parent starts to explain the proper technique,by showing the child everything the he/she is doing wrong?

Am I suggesting that we would all play better without professional instruction. Of course not; but the fundamental goal should be augmenting a student’s natural ability rather than automatically trying to suppress it.

Golf instruction was not a childhood dream; my chosen vocation was Psychiatry.

Playing my first game of golf when I was eighteen, without any formal instruction, I scored seventy-nine. It seemed so easy. The Club Pro commented on my natural ability. Following his advice, I registered for a series of ten lessons.

After practicing assiduously for five months, I couldn’t break one-hundred. The Pro assured me that sooner or later, with more practice, the new swing improvements would “stick”.

They never did.

Frustrated with the experience, I sought the advice of six professional instructors. Each one offered different advice; some of which was completely contradictory.

Twenty-five years later, I have met hundreds of golfers who have endured a similar experience.

Continuous improvement is a habit. Once you master the fundamentals (which is much easier than you are led to believe), then reinforcing key concepts and actions will help you jump off the roller-coaster of inconsistency.

In the next issue, we will discuss the three most common misconceptions that set up roadblocks to improvement.

Learn to abandon technical perfection and trust your innate swing. You will be amazed at the results!

Everyone has an innate swing. Unfortunately for many golfers, the longer they play, the farther they stray from their natural motion. Please check out the website for simple drills that will help ingrain the movements that are the foundation for your natural swing.

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