Why The One Plane Golf Swing Could Be The Golf Swing For You!

More and more golfers are moving from the two plane to the one plane golf swing today because it can help improve the consistency for both accuracy and distance in their swing. With practice this type of approach is able to ensure a smoother backswing and front swing. This is important for most golfers because without a smooth swing they will find the ball is far more unpredictable.

Once mastered, the one plane golf swing is easy to repeat every time you hit the ball. Whether you’re going for distance off the tee, or you need a short chip onto the green this is the best option for many individuals. It takes far less practice to master than the two plane option since it requires a more smooth swing which stays on the single plane throughout.

Many people who decide to attempt the one plane golf swing say that it feels awkward at first but after an hour or so of practice it starts to become far more natural. While this is a popular swing for golfers at every level, casual golfers may get the biggest benefit from this style because it is a quick and easy way to get a much more consistent swing.

So how can you differentiate between these two swings? This becomes an important question if a golfer is trying to decide between the two. Some experts believe that a golfer needs to decide on the one plane or the two plane golf swing. So, in differentiating between the one plane golf swing and two plane golf swing, there are several elements of your golf swing that you will want to pay attention to. Those elements will include the setup, the backswing, the transition, and finally the downswing.

Another way to differentiate between these two swings is to look at famous golfer’s approaches. Looking at the two plane for example, think about the golfers Davis Love III or David Toms. Look at their arm swing and it appears to be more upright. Their shoulders seem to rotate fairly level. Now, let us take a look at the one plane. When looking for golfers who use this swing, there are examples such as Ben Hogan, David Duval or the new Tiger Woods. Their swings tend to be more around with the arms swinging on the same plane as the shoulders at the top of the swing.

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