What Makes Myrtle Beach A Popular Golf Tourist Spot?

Golf traveling is a trendy way to spend a vacation. If you are an avid golfer, getting to know new courses is just part of the fun of the game! Not to mention, each to course offers a new skill set that helps you improve your technique. A particularly popular place tourists go to for the love of golf is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Here is a little about the area and what makes it on of the hottest golf vacation destinations.

First off, the area alone is filled with over 100 different world champion golf courses. Their courses are popular in readings like The Golf Digest. Pearl East and West, for example are just two of top courses in Myrtle Beach and one of them was nominated for being one of the “Best New Public Courses in America”. Each green in the area is known for something whether it is the course designer, the history of the property, the skillset, or the type of green. The landscape in general in this area is divine and full of lakes and beach front (Myrtle Beach is located on the Atlantic coast of South Carolina).

Also known as the “Grand Strand”, this area has an ideal climate for year round golfing. It hardly leaves the 70’s and sunny most of the year. Unlike courses in northern cities, South Carolina welcomes golfers nearly year round – making it a popular tourist spot. Matter of fact, did you know that literally millions golf games are played every year in Grand Slam?

The area really prides itself on its reputation for being a top golf city. There are over two thousands restaurants in the city and hundreds of different resorts, hotels, villas, and attractions all surrounding the areas top courses. Myrtle Beach gives its visitors a full day of entertainment during their stay. Even families can enjoy Wild River water park or Family Kingdom theme park when taking a day off of golf.

There are many reasons why this is a top area for golf tourists. The “Grand Strand” has made it easy for golfers to find new courses, accommodations, and attractions for vacationers to enjoy. Not to mention there are pages of golf vacation package sites available that are specific to Myrtle Beach. If you are planning your next golf vacation, it isn’t a bad idea to look into this area in South Carolina.

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