what level do you reach?

What level should golf talent have? What power does golf talent occupy? From Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, you can get the answer. Not everyone is Tiger Woods, nor is Jack Nicklaus, and what level do you reach?

We speak often of levels of golf talent. Looking at the great players of the past brings this value to the forefront. Today we have Tiger Woods who provides a way to view those greats when they were in their prime. Tiger’s almost perfect swing, mental toughness, and his capacity to strike fear in the minds of players today, indicates this importance of great golf talent.

Jack Nicklaus carried the same power. Most of the writers of his day would say Jack’s best was contained within the sportsmanship he showed. He never desired any other golfer to falter so he could occupy the win. Jack depended on his personal golf talent to be the best golfer on the course.

Regular golfer’s show some level of game. It may be harder to locate, but to play any level of golf, the mindset requires a degree of golf talent. We all experience high quality golf shots at some time during a round.

During any round played you have created a wonderful tee shot; a perfectly placed approach shot; or a clean putting stroke. Only after the round, you remember only the shots that caused displeasure. The 19th hole is where we all discuss them and the few dollars lost to a “lucky bounce”.

Why not make some mental modifications to develop a higher degree of golf talent? Those good moments need your immediate reflection so your talents appear. When it does, recall how it felt; what sounds you heard, where your feet, shoulders, hips, and head were positioned to pull that shot off?

After the round when you’re in a still place, recall those moments. Replay all facets mentally. It takes practice. An exercise of positive recall. When you go out again, your ability to remindl those images increases and your practice lift your degree of golf talent.

Practicing this mental exercise also provides you the power to refocus and be ready again, thereby, increasing your degree of golf talent. Removing many bad thoughts are slowly, deliberately, replaced with the positive ones. Over time, your golf game improves.

positive reinforcement practice is one way you could replay those better shots and ingrain them in your mind. When you do hit one, and you know it, replay that image. Mentally feel where your head was; shoulder were level and turned; hand positions through impact; the crisp clip as the club and fairway wood pinched the ball together; even try to mentally capture smells and sounds around you.

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