Weather Forecast for Golf Players

Golf is a wonderful outdoor sport that can be played in many different types of weather conditions. A complete round of golf, including 18 holes, will typically take about 5 to 6 hours to play, depending on the course. The weather can change greatly during the course of play. Before beginning your day of play, it is important to learn about the daily weather forecast for your location.

Even in cold areas, golf courses are often open most of the year. You will need to learn how to play in all types of weather conditions including extreme heat, cold, and wet circumstances. You’ll also need to learn how to compensate for windy conditions. It is very common to play golf in the rain. Before getting onto the golf course it is important to bring the right type of equipment with you in case of rain. You will need to bring the following equipment with you:

• Golf umbrella
• Rain cover for golf clubs
• Rain jacket
• Extra golf glove
• Golf towel Remember that you should never play golf in a thunderstorm.

Lightning can strike quickly and can travel through the ground. Do not stand under trees during a storm as the lightning is attracted to tall objects. Always pay attention to the course rules. Most courses will sound an alarm when lighting is nearby. All golfers will need to head to the clubhouse. If the storm passes quickly you may be able to get back out to the course. The course manager will usually let you know if it is okay to go back to the hole where you last played.

Many people like to begin their golf game early in the morning. In the early morning you’ll deal with dew, and with cooler temperatures. You also may have fog in some areas. If you can’t see where you’ve hit the ball always yell “fore” to warn other players of the ball. Playing on a dewy surface is similar to playing in rain. The grass will be wet and slippery. Make sure that you are wearing the proper spikes to help you keep your balance during shots.

The sun can be a hindrance when playing golf. This is especially true when you’re playing towards the sun. It can create a blind spot and make it difficult to see your shot. When playing in the sun it is helpful to wear sunglasses. Choose sunglasses that protect against UV rays. Pick a pair of sunglasses that fit well and are made for sports. They should not fall off when you turn your head quickly. You can keep them in place by using a special sports band.

Playing when it’s windy can be difficult. You will need to change your normal club based on the wind conditions. If the wind is coming from behind you choose a club that hits a shorter distance. If the wind is blowing towards you, choose a club that hits a further distance. You’ll also want to keep the ball lower to the ground when it’s windy. This will help keep the ball from being carried by the wind.

Playing is hot conditions can be difficult because of the possibility of dehydration. Always carry some water with you so you will stay hydrated throughout play. Check the course rules to make sure that you are allowed to bring on your own beverages. If not, you’ll be able to buy them from the traveling vendor on the course. Wear a cap to keep your head from overheating. If you get extremely hot, wet your golf towel and put it on your neck to help you cool down. Rest between holes if you need to and stay in the shade as much as possible.

Before heading out for the day of golf, check the local weather forecast for the area. Dress according to the weather so that you’ll be comfortable during play. It is best to dress in layers so that you can remove excess clothing as the day heats up.

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