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Working to improve one’s golf swing can be challenging. The tools available to help a golfer are so numerous as to be almost overwhelming. Is it better to buy books on golf instruction, or videos? Do virtual driving ranges really help? The online community for golfing self-help is tangled and exhausting. Perhaps it would be most effective to just increase the time spent at the driving range. Maybe it would be worthwhile engaging the assistance of a golf instructor to revamp one’s swing from scratch. With so many options to consider, what is the best option for improving one’s golf game? The answer may be to focus on a different kind of golf instruction.

Bruce Baird, the founder and president of California Golf Schools, has developed an innovative technique for instructing golfers on their swing. Taught at the Palm Springs Golf School in California, Mr. Baird’s technique involves the analysis and improvement of a golfer’s natural rhythm and swing, instead of trying to force a golfer to adapt to a textbook swing. It has been ten years since Mr. Baird developed and shared this “short swing” teaching technique with instructors at California Golf Schools. They have since proven the effectiveness of this method many times over, as evidenced by the many success stories of their golfing students.

Well respected in the golf world for his golfing and teaching abilities, Bruce Baird developed his signature teaching method after observing that every golfer has a unique and personal style of swinging a golf club, the same way a musician or artist has his or her own style. Certainly one must learn the fundamental elements of any skill, but beyond the basics, each person evolves their skills according to their natural strengths, coordination and abilities. It is the goal of the professional instructors at the Palm Springs Golf School to build on each individual’s strengths and make small, natural adjustments to a golfer’s swing.

Mr. Baird’s unique method of golf instruction is taught at all the California Golf Schools. The Palm Springs Golf School at Trilogy Golf Club at La Quinta offers the golfers the chance to improve their own personal style and swing in an exceptional location. The Palm Springs Golf School’s small classes – no more than four students – are conducted in a beautiful setting at the base of the Santa Rosa mountains. Part of each three day class includes on-course instruction on the Trilogy Golf Club course, which offers stunning views over the Coachella Valley.

The sun shines all year round at California Golf School’s Palm Springs Golf School. Expect warm weather, a thorough understanding of swing fundamentals, and gorgeous vistas across the valley. Look forward to a better understanding of your own natural tendencies and how to improve upon your strengths, and exceptional accommodations at Embassy Suites Hotel Palm Desert Resort.

For more information, or to find out how to enroll in Palm Springs Golf School, visit WeTeachGolf.

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