Unique Golf Gift For The Holidays


If you have a golfer on your gift list, make this the year you give him or her an unique golf gift. Actually, it’s more a perfect golf gift than unique. Do you know what it is?

Ask any golfer what they would like as a gift for the holidays. They may come back with a dozen different answers but at the heart of it, they all want the same thing. The golfer who absolutely needs a new driver to cure his slice, wants the same thing as the golfer who needs to start making those three foot putts and believes he has to have a new putter.

What they both want is a better golf game.

There’s an old adage about amateur golf that says all bad shots can be blamed on the equipment. The logical follow up to that is the fastest way to improve your game is to buy new equipment. Now that’s great news for club manufacturers, but in reality, it does nothing for the golfer.

If your golfer friend has a bad swing, or doesn’t know the fundamentals, he or she is doomed to continue to play badly regardless of what piece of equipment you give them.

Do you know what would turn that around?

Lessons. Another old adage that I am personally way to familiar with is “When all else fails, read the instructions”. Most amateur golfers had never had a lesson. They picked up the club and tried to copy what they saw on TV or their buddy or on the range or whatever. The net result is that there are some really unique, if not effective, golf swings out there.

You could be their saving grace. You could be the person that finally allows them to win a bet or two. Your gift will not be forgotten.

So where do you get these golf lessons. Almost every golf course has a teaching pro or two. Typically you can get gift certificates and then let your golfer work out the time that suits him or her best. Lessons from a pro are the best way to go but they are pricey and will typically run $50 to $100 an hour for individual lessons.

The alternative can work just as well if your golfer puts their mind to it. The internet is full of DVDs and e books that will effectively walk him through all the different swings and strategies. These products are significantly more affordable and are obviously more convenient.

So this holiday forget the new golf towel or 12 piece divot repair tool and give your golfer something that will make their game truly better. Give him lessons.

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