Thousands of golfers flock to Myrtle Beach for World Amateur


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) Nearly 3,400 hundred golfers descend upon the Grand Strand this week for the Myrtle Beach World Amateur Championship.

Players from 48 of the 50 state and 28 different countries compete in the week long event.

The tournament has been going on for 32 years. There are seven men who have been playing since year number one.

“It’s probably a dare to myself that I won’t stop coming now,” Fred Pugh said. “Just an overall atmosphere it’s so nice. I think that’s why Paul and myself and the Yelton brothers and some of the others continue to hang in there. We made 32 years we’re not going to stop now.”

Paul Ciancanelli is another golfer who has played each of the 32 years. He travels to the tournament each year from Indiana. He says he came to Myrtle Beach the first year on a camping vacation and saw an advertisement in Golf Digest for the tournament. He thought it would be a fun thing to play in and that tradition has continued on each year.
“It’s great and it’s blossomed over the years,” Ciancanelli said of his friendship with the other golfers. “We contact each other throughout the year and tell them about our aches and pains or whatever or something that’s changed.” “There have been a lot of fun stories. Somebody hit one in the woods and it went over to chip it back out into the fairway and stepped on a hornets nest,” Pugh added. “The whole thing is a lot of fun. You meet a lot of nice people.”

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