The Two Most Common Mistakes Golfers Make

Golfers tend to make the same mistakes over and over. They aim too far to the right and use a weak grip. Here are some helpful hints to help you avoid the two most common mistakes golfers make.

The number one mistake golfers make is aiming too far to the right. Even players who are aware of this tendency will start aiming farther and farther right as the round progresses, or as stress mounts. Tour players spend hours working on alignment. Aiming to the right forces the player to come over or around and swat at the ball with their hands, producing all manner of ugly shots, but primarily a weak slice to the right.

Even though the player misses most shots to the right, he or she will not respond by aiming farther left, but surprisingly, will aim even farther right. There is something about standing to the side of the ball that distorts the player’s alignment perspective, and if you stand behind the first tee at the golf course, you will see virtually every player aim to the right.

The second most common mistakes golfers make is a grip that is too weak, meaning that the left palm is too far underneath the club, and the right hand is on top of the club. In a sense, now, the golfer is aiming even farther right, since the club will tend to open up at impact. This leads to even weaker shots even if the ball is hit solidly.

Most golfers instinctively hit the ball with their hands and arms, but not their bodies. Subconsciously, they fear hitting the ball with their bodies because they know they are risking missing the ball completely.

If golfers truly want to improve, they must accept the possibility that, for a while, some of their shots will be truly awful. But, after a short time, they will be hitting the ball farther and straighter than ever before. And the solution is simple:

Here are four tips to avoid the most common mistakes golfers make:

1. Before you hit the shot, check to make sure that the line across your toes points left of your target (the reason you want your toes left of the target, rather than at your target, is that body lines should be parallel to the target lines, not intersect them).

2. Turn your grip so that the back of your left hand and the palm of your right hand point more skyward than you are comfortable with.

Now you will hit lots of shots fat and/or to the left and you will curse me until you learn to get your body through before your hands.

4. Let me say that again because it is very important. You WILL hit shots fat and/or to the left until you learn to release your body before you release your hands. Now you will have more leverage than ever before and your swing will be simpler and more efficient. And as a bonus, you will get more exercise!

You might be reluctant to implement these changes to your golf game, especially knowing that you will hit some bad shots. Remember, professional golfers change their swings and they know they will hit bad shots until they are able to succeed using their “new” swing. Follow this advice and you too will be able to avoid the two most common mistakes golfers make.

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