The Only 3 Things You’ll Ever Need to Know About Your Golf Swing

If you want to increase your golf swing productivity, and improve your golf game scores drastically. Then you will want to hear these three critical concepts. These concepts are having a good quality video camera, good grip, and also having good body position. In this article I will explain each and every concept in moderate detail. I will also explain how to leverage these concepts to get you playing like the almighty Tiger Woods and Jack Nicholas.

Having a good, reliable video camera is critical to improving your golf swing. It is very difficult to see what is going on with your golf stroke without visually seeing what you are or are not doing properly. Sometimes what you are feeling is actually not what you were physically doing. I know my first time watching myself swing a golf club. I was literally shocked with what I was seeing. Only after you see what you are physically doing, can you make the changes that are necessary to get you to the next level in your golf game.

Having a good grip goes without question. I know you have read many articles and watched many videos about having a good grip. So I have decided not to bore you with technical mumbo-jumbo. I have decided to just give you one basic tip. Just know this if you have too little pressure you will not control the clubface. If you have too much pressure with your grip you will more than likely hook or slice the ball. Although this tip is very basic, you must experience this for yourself.

Having a good body position is also important. If your body position is not in proper alignment with the ball, your chances of slicing or hooking the ball will increase dramatically. Naturally you’re going to take chances with ball positioning that will not work out. That’s okay. Just look at each experiment or swing as a way to get feedback, not a failed attempt.

Now that you have a good understanding of the three things that you will ever need to know to improve your golf swing. The best way to leverage your productivity is to get out there and practice. We have all heard that great practice breeds success. This is even truer when you are dealing with a game such as golf. Put these concepts to use in your life today, and enjoy a more fulfilling golf game tomorrow.

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