Stretching For Golf: Improve That Swing!

News flash for all you golfers out there: if you don’t do any stretching for golf then you should start asap! Learn here why it’s important, how it can improve your playing techniques, and how to do it properly. My good friend has been playing golf for quite some time, and he never thought that stretching has anyhting to do with this sport. Recently he began playing with a more advanced golfer who showed him some stretches; these simple warm-ups have improved his game tremendously. He now spends about 15-20 minutes practicing these stretching techniques prior to his games, simple as that!

Why stretch before golfing? It’s important to learn these stretching techniques because they can actually increase your power and your range of motion. They can do this by loosening up those stiff muscles prior to playing a game. But perhaps most importantly, it can prevent those annoying golf injuries that so many players have to face on a regular basis. Sounds good, right? Read on!

The following techniques are dynamic stretching routines, meaning that they are used as a warm-up and help decrease muscle stiffness. You should start this warm-up 15-20min before your game begins, so begin it after changing and gathering your equipment. Another routine form is called static stretching. This increases your flexibility but it can actually impede your performance- thus I don’t think most of you are interested in learning this technique… However, feel free to incorporate some static stretches after your golf game.

Dynamic Stretching Routine:

1. Walking : Just take a vigorous walk (for about 3-5min.) to and from the locker, or anywhere most comfortable.

2. Supported Squats: Hold a short club over your head with your hands at each end, and keep your arms straight. Squat down until it looks as if you’re sitting on an imaginary chair, and stand up. Repeat this 10x. This is important because it helps your blood flow to all muscle groups in your blood and elevates your heart rate, preparing you for the game.

3. Actual Stretches:

* Middle body rotation: Stand with feet shoulder distance apart. Hold a golf on your shoulders, place forearms on each end. Slightly bend knees and lean forward, then swing body so that each golf end is right before you at each turn. Repeat swings 15x.
* Arm swing: Hold out arms straight while standing up straight. Swing your arms across your front, repeat this move for about half a minute.
* Side Bend: Stand with feet shoulder distance apart. Place the golf on your shoulders once again. Lean to either the left or right side while keeping back straight. Hold this position for 2 seconds and then lean to the other side. Repeat 10x for each side.
* Shoulder Stretch: Stand with feet shoulder distance apart and place both your hands at the end of an upright club. Lean forward, but keep your back flat, stop when you feel a stretch in your shoulders. Hold position for 10 sec. Repeat 3x.
* Leg Swing: Stand with feet shoulder distance apart. Stand up straight and swing one leg forwards and backwards, keeping your upper body and other leg still. Repeat 10x for each leg.
* Toe Touch: Stand with feet spread apart as far as you can without feeling uncomfortable. Stretch forward as if to reach one foot, as far as is comfortable, then do the same for the other foot w/ the opposite hand. So if touching right toe, use left hand, etc. Make this a continuous movement and do it for about 20sec. (do not perform this stretch if you have back pain!)
* Wrist Extension: Stand straight and extend your right arm out in front of you. Use your left hand to pull back your right fingers towards you until you feel a stretch. Hold this stretch for 10 sec. and repeat 2x for each wrist.
* Weighted Club Swings: Use a weighted club and swing 10 times without stopping for each swing. Make these motions continuous.

4. Practicing Swings: Now practice your swings for about 2 or 3 minutes, using any swinging techniques you like. Do not use a weighted club at this point, just a regular one.

That’s it! Just remember to take about 2 minutes to catch your breath after completing this warm-up before you tee-off. And keep with it, those sun rays you get when golfing outside are great for your health because they provide you with Vitamin D (as long as you avoid sunburn).

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