Stop Getting Stuck In Bad Golf Shots

Tell me if this has happened to you before. It’s the eighth hole, you are crushing the ball, everything is going your way until you slice a ball into the lake on the right. OK, bad shot but it’s only one swing out of 18 holes. Next shot you hit after taking your drop..BOOM! It happens again, and again, and again. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

One of the main issues golfers have is the inability to diagnose shots and get out of bad ones. For instance, people know they slice, but they don’t know how to hit a hook. They may hit a pulled shot, but don’t know that moving the ball back a couple inches solves it pretty fast. Let’s find ways to get out of these bad shots shall we?

Slicing The Golf Ball –

This is caused by an open club face at impact. Best way to cure this is to swing your arms earlier in your down swing and at a flatter angle towards the ball. Make sure you swing out to “right field” or to the right of your intended target.

Hooking The Golf Ball –

Do the opposite of above. Start your weight shift early and swing out to “left field” or to the left of your intended target. This will slow down the rotation of the club face at impact.

Shanks –

This happens when the ball is being struck around the neck of the club. Most times the club is being taken way too far inside on the back swing forcing the club way to the outside of your intended path. Feel like you swing the club outside the ball.

Hitting The Ball Fat or Heavy –

This is typically caused by a super steep swing plane or one that is too upright. Normally we take the club back flat, it begins to feel heavy and we raise the club over our shoulders. From here the club shaft is far too upright which causes the club to come down steep and hit behind the ball. The best way to cure this is to rotate the shoulders on flat rather than on an axis. This will cause the shaft to lean away from your body and come in more shallow.

There’s just one more little tip we have for you.

Gripping The Club –

First get the club out of your fingers and try putting it in your palms. It will feel like you can’t hit anything, but trust us you can. Hank Haney did this with Tiger Woods to clean up his driving.

To grip the club properly, form gun triggers with your hands, put your left hand on first and slip the right on top. Check to see that your hands make “Vs” that point to your right cheek. This will tell you that there’s an equal amount of pressure on the club.

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