Simple Golf Swing Video Lessons – Practice Your Weight Shift for the Full Swing

Tap Here To Watch The Video On How To Practice Your Weight Shift.

(Golf tip based on the techniques learned in the Simple Golf Swing)

Bobby Eldridge – head pro for – shows you how to practice your weight shift and produce a much more consistent golf swing.

It is absolutley critical to learn the feel of a proper weight shift if you want more distance and consistency in your golf swing.

The truth is the most common fault amatuer golfers have with their driver is slicing.

The core belief in the Simple Golf Swing System is the ability to swing around a stable spine and make the proper weight shift giving you a powerful and consistent golf swing.

By swinging around a stable spine you set yourself up to make a nice weight shift, it’s almost impossible not to! You will coil up like a cobra – just let the the natural laws of physics to happen and the downswing will happen automatically – just let it happen.

The result – a powerful explosion through the ball at impact.

Golfers who slice the ball usually have a lot of sway in their backswing so they start the downswing by lunging at the ball with their shoulders, this is a classic slice move.

You must start the downswing with a bump of your hips – the proper weight shift allows you to do this.

Watch Bobby Eldridge show you in this video how this slicing fault is made in the golf swing and how to fix it.

Play well.

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