Should You Keep Your Head Still In The Golf Swing?

Keeping your head still in the golf swing is not necessary but you definitely don’t want to have a lot of head movement either. Ideally, as you swing back on your backswing the head will move slightly in the direction the body weight shifts. Then, on the golf forward swing, the head will move back towards the position it was in at address and will continue to move forward after impact into the follow through position.

It’s important to make sure the head does not move up and down at all in the golf swing. This is not correct and should be avoided if at all possible. Sometimes golfers will dip or stand up at the wrong times in their golf swing and that can cause the head to come up or drop down below the level it was at in the setup.

The head will move slightly in a lateral motion during the golf swing. I don’t like to see the head moving up and down because it’s important to stay level in the golf swing. If a golfer’s head is moving up or down, they are dipping at some point in the swing which isn’t great. However, if you focus on keeping your head still, you are probably creating stiffness or rigidity in your swing which will hinder your results.

As a golfer turns on their backswing, their head will move slightly to the right as the weight shifts to the inside part of the right foot. As the body moves and shift forward in the downswing and follow through the head will move back in a lateral motion towards the target. As the golfer finishes their follow through, it is then okay to stand up and allow the head to come up as well. It’s important during the swing and impact zone especially to keep the head from moving up or down in order to ensure better contact and more solid golf shots.

Another issue that can come up is the problem of trying to not lift your head up in the swing. Some golf instructors will instruct their students to keep their head down at impact to prevent topping the golf ball or hitting thin golf shots. However, the reason a golfer moves up at impact usually is because they stand up with their knees and straighten their legs. This action automatically makes their head move up. In order to fix this problem you must go to the root cause which is not straightening up with the legs in the downswing and at impact.

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