Secrets on How To Fix A Hook By Adjusting The Golf Club Grip

When playing golf, a hook is usually caused by the player’s club face closing on the swing. This is a phenomenon that usually happens because the golfer has gripped the club in an incorrect manner. A bad grip can then lead to a backswing which does not move with the proper flow of the club head to the ball. In order to learn how to fix a hook, one should practice the proper grip in order to make it feel more comfortable to them. By following a few recommendations, a player will find that they will start to hit the ball much straighter.

Many golfers know of a familiar scenario. They address the ball on the tee, take the club back and swing away. Then the ball goes sailing off to the left side of the course. It causes a lot of frustration for players because they are not entirely sure what went wrong. What causes the hook is the club face being closed when it strikes.

A proper swing starts with the grip a player takes on the club. For right hand hitters, what they want to look at with their grip is the knuckles on the right hand. If they can see more than three knuckles when they address the ball, they are holding the club the wrong way. This causes the right hand to be dominant and makes for a natural pull to the left.

Right hand dominance occurs because it feels powerful and thus more natural. So, if someone wants to change their swing they have to work at changing their grip in order to get more comfortable with it. The appropriate way to take hold of a club is to make sure the palms of both hands are facing each other.

Once the proper grip has been taken, a golfer still has the potential to pull their swing. This is because on the backswing their hands can rotate to what feels natural. This means going back to having the right hand being dominant.

When a person takes a swing, they want to have a grip which is just strong enough to keep the club under control. There should not be any tension in the hands or forearms. However, these changes should not be extreme. Overcompensation could lead to a player developing a slice.

There are three different types of swing for the clubhead to follow. They are inside-out, straight, and outside-in. It is rather obvious that someone would want the straight variety. This can be accomplished by practicing a smooth easy swing. This can insure that the face of the club strikes the ball squarely. The best way to see the results of this change is to go to a driving range. One should start with an easy swing and then add more power as they become more confident.

Figuring out how to fix a hook on the golf course can take a lot of practice and patience. It is a hard game to master. However, if a player makes sure to practice taking a proper grip and maintaining their discipline they may eventually find a pathway to success.

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