Secrets of improve putting

In golf game,putting is about 40% -50% of the score, so this is definitely an important part that can not be ignored. we often see the players who win the game usually use a long Titleist Scotty Cameron Studio Select KOMBI Putter to put the ball to a place close to the hole, then hit it into the hole succesfully.That sounds very attractive, and we want to be as good as them, but first we will see what you have to do for preparation,in fact,these elements are interconnected.

Successful putting need to combine two things, make sure your ball is placed on the flat terrain before putting, that means ensure the Odyssey White Hot XG Marxman Blade Putter flat and straight,must make the ball roll according to the expected direction,then use the appropriate intensity to move the club head forward, having the ball reach the hole with that kind of speed understand the effect of gravity.

The direction of the ball is from the putting motion control, specifically ,it is decided together by the putting together and the direction of your Odyssey White Hot XG 2 Ball SRT Putter face when hitting.

In addition,when swing, the angle of the club(Titleist Scotty Cameron Studio Select KOMBI Putter)head and the ball should be in a vertical state compared with the ground. You should select the proper loft, hit with sweet spot, only this can make the ball rolling with an ideal state.

Good foundation

1 .grip

2.aim: club face aim at the target, good loft and lie angle

3.shoulder movements: balance with the target line

4. standing position: Stand with the ball right distance to enable the arm lift correctly, can look over the ball and the goal line.
Face Control

As the full swing ,your Odyssey White Ice Rossie Putter face state mainly affected by the putting grip gesture during preparatory actions.this has been widely noted. Hand palms be opposite to each other not fully.Although there are exceptions, most of those top players do like this.this is to ensure no putter face rotation during putting process.

Three aspects to improve putting

1.the just right intensity will enable the ball roll along the track you expect,this can be showed after few inches when the ball is far from the club(Titleist Scotty Cameron Studio Select KOMBI Putter) face.In the shot putt, the usually accepted “short distance” is within 6 inches, if you want to hit into the hole, but this is essential, this distance will make you get or lose point.I know for most of us six inches in the distance is not a big problem, the key is the direction.

2. the long putter, a good touch is essential, it can make the ball roll accurately in long distance.

3, in the estimation process , study of the green must be correct,only this,you can combine the other two skills that help you achieve success in putting correctly

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