Scotland – The Home Of Golf

Round about the time that Christopher Columbus was discovering America, some Scottish shepherd discovered that he could hit a pebble quite a long way with his shepherd’s crook. He probably showed some of his sheep herding friends what he could do with his crook and they tried it as well.

This shepherd has a lot to answer for! These days millions of men desert their wives for the morning or afternoon, ignore jobs in the garden and refuse to go shopping. All for the sake of hitting a little white ball with a club, the modern version of the pebble and the crook!

There are stories of Mary, Queen of Scots playing Golf in the middle of the 16th century. The game must have been fairly well-known by then.

The Scots are justifiably proud of inventing the game of golf. It is a great sport, played by young kids and old men and women alike, not to mention all the ages in between. People who play golf tend to be fitter than those who don’t. The exercise one gets is good exercise, because it consists of walking up to about six miles during the course of a morning or afternoon, none of which is hard exercise. Not only that, it is necessary to keep your mind working, because you have to make decisions about what you are trying to achieve with every shot.

Scotland’s climate is perfect for cultivating great golf courses. With it being north of England, the weather is a bit colder and wetter – but not too cold, because Great Britain is an island and therefore doesn’t get the extremes of temperature that large land masses get.

If you take a golf break in Scotland, you will find that golf courses are all over the place and they all seem to be beautifully kept and maintained. Some of the very best and certainly the most famous courses in the British Isles are located in Scotland. The beautiful coastlines, east and west, of Scotland are positively littered with great links courses. These courses can be a real test of golf, because the Atlantic and North Sea winds can give you some golfing problems.

Scotland is a beautiful country and all over the place the scenery is breathtaking. The Scots have the reputation of being very tight with their money, a reputation they like to hang on to in case anyone wants to borrow any money. That’s a joke that they like, but it isn’t actually the truth. I have always found the Scots to be generous people and if you visit their country you can be sure of a tremendous welcome.

As well as the great golf courses, Scotland’s other great export is Scotch whisky. It’s a great idea to go and visit the local distilleries. These are also all over the place. You will get to sample the wares while you are there.

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