Reviewing Golf GPS Units

People often wonder which golf GPS unit is the best, as there are so many golf GPS devices to choose from. This is the reason why I have compiled the four best golf GPS systems to narrow down your list. There is a golf GPS unit that perfectly suits individuals who only wanted to know the yardage, while there are other units that are built with several additional features. The price range of these products starts from $100 to $500 dollars.

The Top Four Golf GPS Devices Based on Consumer’s Experience

Garmin GolfLogix GPS-8

Amazon’s bestseller, the Garmin GolfLogix GPS offers balanced features at a very reasonable price. People often choose this because of its reliability and ease of usage.


– It is waterproof.
– Can hold up to 20 courses.
– The screen is viewable in any lighting condition.
– Accurately calculate the front, center and the black of the green.
– Turning it on will automatically identify the course and provide accurate display of holes and targets.


– It doesn’t meet the claim of the company’s 22 hour battery life.

iGolf Neo

People who asked which is the best golf GPS device that is inexpensive often find themselves holding the iGolf Neo. This type of golf GPS doesn’t have extra features but can be considered as a very reliable partner.


– Can easily fit inside pockets.

– You’ll get a good and reliable partner at a fairly low price.
– Can provide detailed yardage information but with no maps.


– iGolf Neo cannot be compared with the accuracy of Garmin of SkyCaddie, however, most courses are fairly accurate. There are no other features like maps which usually come on handy, however, it is expected that they cannot include it because of its low price.

SkyCaddie SG5

The Sky Caddie SG5 could be one of my favorites because of its accuracy and advanced features that are very useful during golf sessions. Built with a huge database of golf courses, it can help to speed up any game and even improve the player’s score. So if people ask me which golf GPS is the best? I will surely say to include this golf GPS on their list.


– Rugged and water resistant.
– Colored screen which is easy to see even under the sunlight.
– Can reveal up to 40 targets for each hole and includes bunkers, creeks etc.
– It has excellent accuracy since it measures from the ground rather than using the satellite.
– Can get the accurate distance from the front of the green, back and places in between.


– It asks for a subscription fee that’s around $30-$60 to access the course database.

Garmin Approach G5

Which is the best golf GPS? The Garmin Approach G5! This is the most advanced golf GPS that provides new features for the golfers. Garmin is the leading manufacturer of regular units, and has been successful in evolving their products to meet the golfer’s needs. The Garmin Approach G5 is the most expensive GPS system that normally cost under $500, however, they do not ask for monthly or annual fee just to access the course database.


– Easy to use and view touch screen.
– User friendly menu system.
– Over 10,000 courses readily available for free (you can get more course through their website).
– Excellent utility for keeping score.
– Rugged and waterproof.
– Accurate measure of shot distance.


– Default settings such as screen brightness cannot be customized.

So here’s the best four GPS units according to consumer reviews and experience. Be sure to check the pros and cons before purchasing one, so that you can have a better reliable partner while playing golf!

If you are a golfer and are looking to get a new golf GPS unit that I would urge you to read over our top golf GPS reviews and see for yourself which one is the best and which one best suits your needs.

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