Learning How To Play Golf Better Quicker

There can be a lot of benefits to learning the game of golf and it is a game that is getting more affordable for the average person so it is no longer just for the rich. There are certain key factors that all low handicap golfers pay attention to and they include paying a lot of attention to the short game and proper course management. Learning to putt well is also important to lower scoring.

Improving the short game:

Learning to putt well is a key part of golf and many people do not understand the keys to becoming a great putter. The best putters master a certain technique and stick with it long term. Always changing putting strokes or putters will certainly lead to great inconsistency so if you want to be consistent as a putter you must be consistent with the putting technique and putter you use. Reading greens well is definitely very important if you want to be a great putter. The best approach with reading greens is to take your time to see the putt from various angles and then you must trust your first impression of how the putt will break.

If you lose trust in the read then you must step back and make a commitment to trust the read before you hit the putt. When you are over the ball about to hit it you must keep your mind quiet and focused on the target. Do not think about swing mechanics as the putting stroke is very simple and as long as you have spent time training the stroke then you will be able to repeat it without thinking about it. It is also important to learn to develop a selective memory when playing this game so focus on remembering your good shots and forget the bad ones as this will raise your confidence levels.

Course management is another key aspect to being able to shoot the lowest scores possible. Many new golfers simply choose the wrong targets off the tee or are too aggressive and try shots that they cannot execute with a high percentage. It is tempting to always aim for the pin even when it is tucked in very tight corners, for these kinds of holes you want to make sure that you are aiming more towards the center of the green and accept that par is a good score when you have a pin that is placed in such challenging positions. Be more aggressive on pin placements that are in easier spots away from trouble.

The level of skill you acquire really does depend on your level of commitment so if you find that your scores are not improving then maybe you need to spend more time on the range and practice greens working on your swing and also make sure that you are playing smart on the course and hitting shots that are within yourself. It is important to pick and choose carefully which holes you want to attack and which hole to play more conservatively depending on your strengths and weaknesses.

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