Important Tips For The Golf Novice

The tips in this article are especially important for the golf novice. Do you ever wonder what separates good golf players from bad ones? Is it some very rare natural talent or is it a lot of practice?

The answer is a bit of both. A person wanting to be a good golf player needs a lot of practice, regardless of what natural talent he has. However, this does not mean that talent does not help. A talented golf novice can, with the right amount of practice, take his skills to a completely different level.

But, what if you feel you really have no talent? A golf novice who is aware of the right techniques and rules of golf can still be successful. Therefore, whether you have a lot of natural talent or not, the following golfing tips should help you significantly.

Grip the golf club in the right manner

The way you grip your golf club will determine the direction in which the golf ball goes.

For example, if you hold the club too tightly then the ball would have a tendency to deviate towards the right. In contrast, if you hold it too loosely then the ball would deviate more towards the left. Therefore, balancing the strength of your grip is crucial to your swing being true.

Have the correct stance for you swing

While it is true that a golf player should play his natural game, it is also true that there is a certain stance that most golf players should follow. Even minor discrepancies in the golf stance can result in a poor swing and, hence, poor score. A good way to check if your stance is right is to see if you can move your toes up and down.

If you are leaning forward too much then this would be impossible for you to do. Alternatively, if you are leaning too far back, then it would be very easy for you to move your toes up and down. Firmly planted feet are the foundation of a good golf stance. Therefore, you should get your golf stance right for the best swings.

Make the right contact with the golf ball

Every golf club has a specific sweet spot that you are supposed to hit consistently. On the basis of the type of club you are using, you would either have to make contact with the ball high on the face of the club or low. You can achieve this by taking multiple swings at the driving range and evaluating the success of your swings. Therefore, the more you practice your swings the better your chances of consistently hitting the sweet spot.

Get the right timing with your swings

A golf swing is an extremely well balanced amalgamation of various aspects. This means that while you should pay attention to individual aspects, you should also focus on the synergy between the various aspects. This translates into having the right timing with the swing. You can neither be too quick nor too slow when it comes to taking your swing. Consistency is key.

If your body is too quick, the golf ball would end up going towards the right. On the other hand, if you are too slow with your movement then the ball would drift towards the left. The trick to getting the right timing with the swing is to make sure that your body moves out of the way when your club comes down.

That’s right, it takes lots of practice!

Keep your knees flexed at all times

In a golf swing, the knees never straighten. Your knees are supposed to stay flexed all through your swing, through the backswing and the follow through.

It is easy to see why golfers keep practicing their golf skills all their lives. Golf involves many different skills, and all are needed for successful golf. Enjoy your time on the course, and relax at your game.


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