How to Improve Your Golf Swing Distance Control

Once we move away from ripping it off the tee and enjoying the endless bound of a good drive down the fairway, it comes time to focus in on how to control your shot distance. Having good distance control can keep you on greens and out of sand traps and most importantly, it can guarantee you’re one or two putting versus three putting because if you’ve got good distance control, you should land more in line with the pin covering half of the work you’ll do on the green. Here are a few good ways to improve your distance control.

The first thing you can do to improve your distance control is to “Landmark” your swing positions. Landmarking your swing positions simply means figuring out where your backswing typically finishes and conversely where your follow through finish is. If we’re uncomfortable on a shot, we often fail to make it to the finish or think about trying to get there and if we’re overconfident on a shot, we often swing right past our backswing position only to blast the ball deeper into the rough. Noting and rehearsing these positions the next time you’re on the range or the course will bring them into your consciousness and refine your full swing distance control in as little as two to three weeks.

The obvious following tip for distance control after you’ve landmarked your swing should be: Timing. To improve your timing, listen to music the next time you hit the range. Namely, pick a song with a good beat that fits your swing speed and play it through a few times. After awhile, you should notice that your swing is consistently taking place over the same number of beats. Giving your swing a structured, audible beat to follow will help your tempo and your timing and give you a rhythm tool to hum or play in your head when you’re on the course without the tunes.

Keep in mind that your woods and irons will take different lengths of song to complete. Woods will obviously be a touch longer but, for the most part, you should note some tempo consistencies amidst your clubs. Using music to help your timing is one of the best and most enjoyable ways to find good timing, tempo and distance control.

The last two tips are the simplest to employ and yet, many players forget them. You must make sure you grip the club and set up to the ball in the same place and you need to replace your shafts eventually. The first of these tips should be obvious so we’ll move on to discussing the shafts of your golf clubs.

Believe it or not, your golf shafts are going to start to underperform and lose their rigidity far sooner that your clubface is going to let you down. To remedy this, it’s a good idea to check your shafts every 5 years and have them replaced if necessary. Your club will start to kick earlier when it’s time to replace it so try and feel for that situation and switch it up at that point for a new stick to maintain your distance control.

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