How to Find Your Electric Golf Trolley

So you are looking to purchase your first electric golf trolley?

First choose what it is you are looking to get out of your trolley. Example, are you looking for a battery which can complete 2 rounds of golf without charging your battery? Maybe you want to send your trolley 10, 20 or 30 Meters on its own to a tee box? How about a trolley that is fully automated full remote control? Lets look at some of these features in more detail.


Trolleys were first sold with 26ah battery (lead acid dry fit) this was perfect for 18 holes of golf. Now you can choose from 18ah all the way up to 33ah both in lead acid and in get the choice is hugh the range of brands even bigger from JCB to Leoch to Yuassa and many more. In fact you can now get lightweight Lithium for your trolley, what next polymer battery’s?

It is recommended that you go for a battery able to complete 18 holes for approx 3 years use and in my opinion a 24ah or 26ah battery will give you the best value for money.

A lot of suppliers including Powakaddy and Motocaddy are now selling 20ah battery’s as standard this is a cost saving measure in my opinion and not in the best interest of the consumer. You will only get about 12 maybe 18 months from a 20ah battery and cost another £60 to replace so for the extra few quid at the time of purchase go for the 24ah 26ah or 28ah long life version (about £20 more at time). This should last 3 or more years so a good value for money option.

-Distance Function.

Totally optional on a lot of golf trolleys. Hillbilly have as standard for £249 however its sister company Powakaddy gets up to a massive £349 before this is available??

This feature is for sending your trolley of in one direction while you walk in another. Why is this important? Well imagine when you are walking to your first green and have hit you ball off the left hand side but the second tee is off to the right. Well with distance function you can send your trolley off to the tee area in a pre-set amount of travel normally 10, 20 or 30 meters. Your trolley will stop here ready for you to finish your putt and walk straight to your trolley.

Of course there is the full remote control option available. You can send your trolley in any direction and control speed using a hand held remote. I am not personally in love with these trolleys as an option there seems to be a lot wrong with them in terms of reliability and the cost of repair seams high when they break. I would use caution!!

-Trolley Size

Trolley size is very important ideally a trolley should have a wide wheel base which folds into a small neat space a key part of this being the removal of the wheels. This should be an easy process large easy to use buttons so you can quickly and easily remove and refit.

A good folding design is very important GolfStream have an amazing system a true one piece folding design. The price is high at over £449 however I hear there is a £349 version coming out this year so watch this space if it uses the same frame it could be a winner.

Apart from this a good easy to fold trolley is a must make sure its all one piece and light below 10kg’s is important but not totally essential. In my opinion the superlight weight ones are weak in materials with cheaper components and steels.

So good luck in your purchase get in some good research before and ask your pro or playing partners what they use if your pro is using a brand there is a good chance its a good one.

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