Golfing in Warmer Climates


Golf destinations like Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands or Taba Heights in Egypt get great weather all year round. Whether you treat golf as a hobby or a profession you need to ensure that you have everything you need before travelling.

Golf insurance is a must have when playing golf at any destination but it is arguably more important when travelling abroad on a golfing holiday. A comprehensive policy will include all that you need to allow you to relax and enjoy your round of golf on some of the most impressive courses in the world. It is always advisable to have suitable and cheap golf insurance when travelling abroad and when you have golf clubs that could be worth over £1000 it’s easy to see why.

Golf may not be the most dangerous sport in the world but an estimated 12,400 injuries are sustained each year that require hospital treatment. Stray golf balls obviously are a hazard as they can be travelling at reasonably high speeds and if hits someone on the head or face, it could cause serious injury. No longer is shouting “fore” enough to clear you of liability so you need to have adequate insurance to cover you should the unexpected happen. A golf club in the wrong hands can also be dangerous. It may sound silly but accidently letting go of the club can happen and that’s sure to be painful if it hits you!

Going abroad for a golfing holiday is great fun but tourists are often targeted by thieves as they generally carry valuables on them. When you factor in that you are carrying around £1000-£1500 worth of golfing equipment, golfers on holiday are the perfect targets. This makes it vital that you have the most comprehensive deals on golf insurance around. Of course, by keeping your wits about you, you should ensure that you do not get your clubs stolen or damaged, but prepare for the worse and hope for the best.

Many golf clubs at home and abroad do not accept players if they do not have golf insurance so this is yet another reason to purchase some. Before you go abroad you may be able to find some free golf lessons so that you can hone your skills before travelling. You can find some great deals online so make sure you are fully insured before travelling so you can concentrate on enjoying your golf.

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