Golf Training Aid – Tour Striker Review

It is amazing what a good swing training aid can do both for your golf swing and mental game. Some training aids make you think you are improving but there is no way to receive tangible results. This is what makes to restrict your unlike any other training aids.

The Tour Striker has recently become popular after getting quite a bit of buzz from professional golfer Gary McCord as well as other golfers on the PGA tour. It is quite easy to see and find the rave reviews average golfers like you and I are getting this product on various blogs and forums. The thing that differentiates this product from other training aids is that you are not able to fake results. If you are not using it properly and not swinging properly you will immediately know based on impact feel and flight of the ball. The tour Striker has a rounded leading edge which prevents you from scooping the ball like many amateur golfers do. It forces you to be in the proper position at the most important time in your swing, the moment of impact. With your hands in front of the ball and forward shaft lean the small face of the tour Striker will make solid impact with the ball and produce a high and penetrating ball flight.

If you look at any of your favorite golfers either in video or still images at the moment of impact they all are in a similar position – their hands are in front of the ball and they may contact in a downward motion. This is not a mistake; this position is what you should strive for to get added distance and consistency.

The quality of this training aid is top-notch. It feels like any other club out of the bag. It comes with the fantastic shaft, the club had has the nice weight to it, and it comes with an excellent grip. You will not feel like you switch from your normal clubs over to your training aid. The tour Striker is not a miracle product. You will need to spend a fair amount of time at the driving range to get comfortable using this club and making consistent solid impact. But once you do the movements in your golf game will be great.

One neat thing about the strikers that being a normal golf club they can be used in combination with other training aids, worthwhile training aids of course, such as the swing guide or pure ball striker.

There are various tour Striker models ranging from wedges to lower irons. It is important to find the best suited for your current skill level. This can be done by looking at the descriptive text on the tour striker website and by reading reviews of the club. Many players like to start with the Tour Striker Pro as it is a challenge to hit but insures proper position and striking the center of the club face. Be sure to read my in-depth review of the Tour Striker on my blog.

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