Golf Tips – 4 Tips Every Golfer Should Abide by

Golf Tips – 4 Tips Every Golfer Should Abide by


Golf is all about giving yourself the absolute best opportunities to make shots onto the green. This is done by keeping the ball on the fairway, which means that accuracy should be one of the focal points of your game. You can increase your accuracy when playing golf by keeping in mind the following points:

1. No matter where your ball is, you should always be aiming for a target. Developing accuracy and playing with a strategic mindset means choosing a target to shoot at, even if you cannot see the hole.

By choosing a small target, such as an object or a location on the fairway, visualize the ball heading in that exact direction. This technique has been proven to help thousands of golfers to hit more accurate shots in line with their target.

2. Just because you are hitting the ball from the tee, that does not mean that the driver should be used each and every time. Yes, the driver will hit the ball the farthest, but it also has the least accuracy of every club in your bag. You may be facing a shot with a narrow fairway, or perhaps risking advanced hazards on each side of the fairway.

Either way, your driver may not be the best choice. Instead, consider using your woods, preferably a 3-wood or the 5-wood. You could even use an iron when hitting the ball from the tee it deemed necessary.

3. Learn to take your ego out of the game when necessary. Always take the safe shot if you are unsure of what strategy to use. Trying to be the golf hero of the day may ruin your score. Have the mindset to simply keep the ball on the green and finish the job with your putter.

4. Regardless of playing skill level, all golf players who have been involved in this sport for any amount of time have one thing in common: We all have a “lucky club”. Beginner golfers may not have such an experience yet, but in time you will. We like to call it our “go to” club. It is the one club in our bag that we consistently hit the ball well with.

Always use your lucky club whenever you have a very important shot to make. Remember, different clubs are designed to hit the ball in different manners, but any club will work for any shot, most of the time. For example, even if your tee off is on a par-5 hole, but the shot absolutely must go well, and your lucky club is a 5-wood, then use it! Does the 9-iron do the trick for you every time, regardless of the circumstances? Use it!

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