Golf Swing Improvement Tips To Achieve Consistency

I’ll never forget what Jack Nicklaus said in his Golf My Way video: “Consistency is the name of the game”.

The only way to acquire a good golf swing is when you can strike the ball in the sweet pot of each club and most of all when you can repeat it time, after time, after time…

So if you truly want to become a consistent golfer you have to get serious about consistency and consider it as the most important goal to achieve in your game through the right golf swing improvement.

Now let me share some proven tips that helped me to gain consistency so that you can benefit from:


If you like to watch golf tournaments on TV you’ll notice that the golf swing of pros like Ernie Els, Bijay Sing and Fred Couples look great and especially effortless.

I remember that in one of my classes my PGA instructor told me to slow down and try to swing at a 70 to 80% of my speed. And when I did it I was surprised that my shots reached the same or more distance than the 100% ones and with more accuracy.

Then he explained me that “When you slow down your golf swing you increase the chances to make a better contact and hit the ball right in the sweet pot of the club. This is because your body can do your best swing at a more natural motion rhythm”.

He also told me to forget hitting golf balls: “Swing through the Ball, Not at It” and since applying this concept everything became clearer for me…

Every time I executed my new slow down swing I noticed that I started gaining more confidence caused by my golf swing improvement. With it I avoid shooting out of bounds and also I started reaching more fairways and greens than before. And finally this also helped me to lower my scores.

Try this tip at the driving range and see the difference. And if you’ll notice that you need a longer club on certain distance shots it isn’t so important because you’ll be making more fairways and greens and start a virtual circle of confidence through consistency.


At an early stage of my sport life I always tried to do my best. And when I started to play golf I knew that once you achieve the technique needed as a skill to perform good golf swings you must repeat it on a regular basis until it becomes yours definitely.

The golf swing is a very uncommon movement for most beginners and most of all if they start to play after their childhood.

If you are serious about being a good golfer you’ll need to make your time to practice during the week. I remember that I use to practice 2 or 3 times a week after work at the driving range before I went home.

In each of them I did the following practice routine: 100 balls minimum dedicated to short, mid and long irons and then with my driver and other fairway woods; another 50 balls in the bunker and around the green (chips and pitches), and always 20 to 30 minutes of putting green.

Additionally I had a mat at home were I could practiced my golf swing and also a rubber hole to exercise my putter.

By doing all of this on a regular basis I was able to play 9 in almost a year since I started. And by this wonderful experience I can assure you that, after a good golf instruction, practice is the only way for acquiring a consistent golf swing improvement. So remember this: practice, practice, and practice regularly.


When I started golf I suddenly remembered what my school teacher once said: “I fear the one book teacher”. This means that when you choose the best source for knowledge and skills you can be sure that you are going on the right track.

Because you’ll find out that there are many PGA pros with their own different golf swing and have great knowledge, the key here is in “your right choice”. So once you find your best teacher just follow his or her golf instruction without doubt until you feel that you have achieved your own good golf swing.

Once it’s done, avoid looking and copying other methods because you will delay your progress to your goal of developing a consistent golf swing and become a consistent golfer.


Your golf swing needs to be learned and executed with the right equipment.

This means that if you use golf clubs that doesn’t fit to your body you will need to compensate your swing to hit good shots.

So before buying a new set of clubs take in mind that most big brands offer a free or affordable fitting service for their equipment. I personally used this service and once I’ve got my fitted clubs my only concern was to develop my golf swing improvement and gaining consistency.

The golf balls are the other key element of your equipment.

There are lots of brands and differences en each of them to choose the one you prefer. Because they are not made the same, and according to your feel when you hit your clubs and around the green there are some structural differences that you should know and try before choosing the one you like most and according to that and your possibilities, always look for the best.

Once you made your choice stick to it and don’t change your balls every day because you won’t find the feel and touch you are familiar with and this will affect your swing and shots loosing your consistency.


There are special moments were you must develop and reproduce your same routine that leads you to play great golf.

As you can see on tournaments, each pro has their own that enables to put their game in autopilot after they’ve done the exact same routine each and every time.

Those moments are when you arrive to the curse, when you perform your practice, when you are getting to the first tee, your pre shot routine (grip, aiming, set up, visualization, etc.), the pre putt routine, are just some examples of all the areas that you’ll need to develop in a consistent routine and get yourself into a secure and comfort zone and play your best.

There’s always a time for everything and probably this is the time for you to start playing your best. But first you’ll need to get serious about it.

Applying some or all of these tips in your game you’ll gradually gain the consistency that you’re looking after and you deserve.

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