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Golf success comes with practice, of course. Getting that swing just right, holding that club properly, knowing how hard to swipe the ball in any given situation – it all adds up to golf success if you can get it right more often than not. Tiger Woods was a tender eight years old when he hit his first hole in one. Was it a fluke? No, it was the result of someone who went on to have incredible golf success. You may not reach the dizzy heights of Tiger Woods, but you can have your own level of golf success with the right attitude to the game.

There must be thousands of books written about golf, about how to get that swing right, how to grip that club right, and about how to be a better golfer. These type of books sell well for there are and always will be millions of bad golfers who secretly want to be better golfers. They practice hard, but it makes little difference. They still play bad. That’s why they turn to books, videos, DVD’s and whatever else is available that promises to make them better on the green.

Every golfer should of course concentrate on their game if they hope to improve substantially. But great golfers go beyond the physical training. They train mentally too. It has been shown time and time again that the subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between something real and something imagined. This is where mental training can really improve your game and give you some real golf success.

The best golfers visualise their difficult shots. If they have difficulty playing a particular course they will go over it in their own mind before the match and succeed mentally. That prepares the way for the physical success that can follow. Unfortunately, many bad golfers consider this approach to be mumbo jumbo, superstition, or just downright stupidity. They are the ones who never know golf success.

All the great golfers tap into the mental training process that gives them that extra edge. They visualise themselves winning, over and over again, until it becomes inevitable that they do. Thoughts are things. Science is increasingly telling us that it’s so. It isn’t just golf, of course that benefits. All kinds of athletes train mentally, as well as people doing all kinds of things. They do it because it works! Don’t underestimate the power of mental training. It can lead to real golf success every time.

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