Golf Pocket Guide Helps When You Need It Most

There are innumerable golf books, DVDs, mobile phone applications; videos and magazines that provide golf help tips and drills on how to play the game. One major challenge is how to reconcile all this data into something meaningful that applies to your game and does not confuse you. A second major challenge is how you can actually access these resources when you need them the most…while you are actually playing or practicing the game.

A slew of mobile phone applications offering golf tips and advice have entered the golf market recently which are great to use on the range and can even be used when you play. The challenge is figuring out which one to use. In addition, a number of printed “golf pocket guides” have also entered the market and attempt to sort out the most useful golf help tips and golf instruction that you can apply as you play. These golf pocket guides, like the mobile phone applications, are growing rapidly in popularity because they are easily portable (unlike “old school” golf books), provide useful golf tips and are highly affordable.

To help sort through these popular golf pocket guides, whether printed products or mobile applications, the following is a checklist of what to look for:

1. Is the golf pocket guide comprehensive? It is of no use if you have to buy five different golf pocket guides to fill up your mobile phone or golf bag to cover the basics of the game. Look for a golf pocket guide that covers all the basic golf tips for all phases of the game, yet is easily portable and concise.
2. Is the golf pocket guide easy to understand? Portable golf tips have been around for years, but most have done a poor job with breaking down the game in a helpful way. Few have rich graphics to make the golf lessons and golf help tips easy to absorb. So look for a golf pocket guide that provides a combination of great graphics and concise tips from top notch instructors.
3. Is the golf pocket guide credible? A good golf pocket guide is really worth its weight in gold. How many times have you had a swing flaw or wanted to know how to hit a certain shot and rather then spend a ton of time researching the answer, you opted to get a quick lesson because you trusted your pro? Golf lessons are definitely recommended and are the quickest way to develop your game, but where do you turn to get the quick tip that you can trust? This is where a credible and trusted golf pocket guide comes in. So when you are researching which one you should choose, select one that has solid reviews and developed by PGA professionals, not business people looking for a quick buck.

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