Golf Instructions – Why Take Golf Lessons

Why not take golf instructions? And while you are at it why not take golf instructions from a professional golf instructor? See yourself mastering the game of golf!

The other day I was listening to a program about acting, and I entered the middle of the interview where the emcee asked, what made you two actors exceptionally suitable for the roles that made it seem so natural and real to make the story line become so realistic to the audience? And do you improvise the script or memorize it?

They not only answered the questions pertaining to their acting abilities but to other accomplished and successful actors who share the same educational background of formal classical training in theatre and stage. They validated that education and training are valuable.

And if you research an outstanding and excellent golfer the same will be discovered. The took lessons from professional golf instructors. The golf instructors can be found wherever you play golf. Do not hesitate to attend their classes. When playing on the golf course ask the golf instructor for an evaluation of your golf swing and other areas that need improvement.

There are pros and cons as to learning with video instructions. You will discover that there is much to be learned from the video. One tremendous advantage is being able to replay and listen to the instructor until you truly understand the instruction.

I had an experience in a teaching situation where a few blind people had attended the class. I discovered that the blind people were following my instructions directly and those who could see kept asking me to repeat what I was demonstrating. I learned a very valuable lesson that day. Visual people do not listen.

Likewise, when viewing a video, regardless of the subject matter, listen. The instructor is telling you what to do, but your visual intake is distracting you from the words.

Why take golf instruction? Here is a checklist:

1. Learn basics of golf correctly.
2. Learn about the golf game.
3. Learn about golf equipment.
4. Become familiar with golf terminology.
5. Learn how each type of golf club is to be utilized.
6. Learn to hold different types of golf clubs.
7. Learn how to hit the golf ball a greater distance.
8. Learn how to improve your golf swings, pitching, chipping, driving, takeaway, downswing, and others.
9. Learn about fitness, stance, posture, and other biomechanics.
10. Become familiar with golf drills and other practice methods.
11. Learn how to shave strokes off your score.
12. Learn timing, eye positioning, and focusing.
13. Learn how to be still and quiet to maintain control.
14. Learn how to correct your mistakes.
15. Learn to be more consistent.

An instructor of golf will help you to learn this checklist in a matter of days. It would take you months trying to learn by trial and error. I am sure you know it would be more expensive in time, money, and frustration. Be kind to yourself.

Make your life easier by taking professional golf instruction. Visit the hobby page of Tricia Deed at and review the GolfSwing Book which will take your game to the next level.

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