Get the Sweat Stains Out of Your Golf Hats

Sweat stains on golf hats are as common as green grass on the golf course. If your head sweats you’ll end up with nasty sweat stains on the bill and brim of your hat. If you are balding the matters get worse throughout the entire area of your head where the hair has taken a hook off the course. (Will someone please design a golf hat for bald men?)

The question is how do you get rid of the sweat stains? Checkout the web and you will find quite a few methods. It’s a bit like trying to cure a bad slice or hook swing. Plenty of suggestions and no matter what you do they always seem to come back into your game.

Depending on the type of hat you prefer the answers change. If you like the structured style of golf hat the answers are fairly complicated. First, according to New Era one of the biggest in the hat business they state very clearly hats are not to be washed in a washing machine. Hats will lose their form and eventually become yard sale inventory. They offer a plastic hat form you are to put inside the hat and then wash it in a dishwasher.

There is a product called Hat Saver that comes in a spray can you apply to the outside of the hat. They claim the hats will not show the sweat stain on the outside of the hat. Good enough but the sweat is still there and begins to smell. They say wash the hat but everyone knows you can’t just simply wash a hat.

The most common solution is the dishwasher. Not a bad a solution but the hats will lose shape and become uncomfortable to wear after two or three times in the dishwasher. The hat goes to that shelf in the closet with the other sweat stained hats like used golf balls collect in a bucket in your garage.

The best solution is to buy golf hats that are machine washable. There are only a few on the market but are becoming more common with the high tech fabrics available today. We have found these hats to not only be washable but also do a great job of wicking away moisture. A new hat on the market today from comes out the washing machine sweat stain free, looking like new, and virtually dry. The fact it comes out of the washer dry is a testament to the moisture wicking ability of the fabric. Another unique feature found on this hat is protection from UV rays. 4HeadWear hats are made with Cocona Fabric. The material is made from coconut shells and offers a 48 UPF rating (98% of UV rays are blocked).

The best solutions to most problems are usually the simplest. In the case of solving the sweat stain problem on golf hats most are fairly complicated. Checkout this solution offered up by;

1. Dip a toothbrush into white vinegar, and rub it across the stained areas of the hat. Focus around the rim of the hat and the inside of the rim, as these areas tend to contact the most sweat.

2. Place the hat in the mold, and snap it into place. These plastic hat cages retain the shape of the hat. The mold must be secured to avoid it opening during the cleaning process.

3. Put the hat mold on the top rack of the dishwasher—do not place any other items to the dishwasher. Add a bleach-free dish detergent, and run a normal wash cycle.

4. Remove the mold and let it dry in a warm area, avoiding direct sunlight or harsh light that can shrink the hat.

5. Keep the hat in the mold for 24 hours. Remove the hat when it is dry, and check that the stains have been eliminated. If sweat stains are still present, repeat the process.

My preference is a bit less complicated;

1. Wash hat with the rest of your clothes in the washing machine

2. Remove hat from washer

3. Wear

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