Famous Foreign Golf Courses Around The World

Some golf courses are visited mostly by the locals, while others are famous enough to attract visitors from all over the world. Thinking about a global vacation? Why not put one of these famous foreign golf courses on your traveling wish list to check it out in person. Enjoy a few golfing rounds on a course you might see Tiger tee off at on TV. Here’s a breakdown of some of the world’s most famous foreign golf courses.

St. Andrews Old Course in Scotland
Earning a reputation as “the home of golf,” St. Andrews Old Course is one of the world’s oldest and most revered golf courses. This course fits any skill level and is treasured by golfers and amateurs alike. Every shot takes special strategy, but even beginners will enjoy giving this professional quality golf course a try.

Wentworth in Surrey, England
At the end of World War I, developer Walter George Tarrant recognized Europe’s need to move onto more happier, peaceful activities. He opened nearly 7,000 yards of golf course in 1924 that has since grown into 3 quality 18 hole golf courses. The club is famous for professional golf associations, including being home to the headquarters of the PGA European tour. The course also served as the venue for the 1953 Ryder Club.

Sunnydale in Surrey, England
Like its neighboring course Wentworth, Sunnydale is a beautiful course set on the sand belt of Surrey, England. It originally started out as 3 farms that came under ownership by St. John’s College in Cambridge, which then turned it into a golf course around the turn of the 20th century. Jack White was the first professional golfer on the course. In the last 60 years, the club has hosted the British Masters 4 times.

The Valle del Este and Desert Springs in Spain’s Almeria
Spain is absolutely a golfer’s paradise. Almeria offers some of the most beautiful Spanish golfing available. As Spain’s only desert, Almeria features sand traps that are no joke. The Valle del Este and Desert Springs are 2 of the most famous first class golf courses in the area. Enjoy the spectacular golfing climate in the sands of Spain’s only desert.

If you’re planning to play a little bit of golf while you’re in Europe, or you want to make a special trip just to see these courses, don’t forget to pack some cute women’s golf skorts so you can play in style and comfort.

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