Evaluating Regular And Oversized Golf Grips

Having a good grip on the golf club is the first step to a successful golf game. Many golfers have come to me asking whether to purchase oversized or regular grips. So after evaluating both grips, I have come up with the answer.

There a few factors to consider when purchasing golf grips.

1) Size Of Your Hand

2) Intensity Of Grip Strength

3) Flight Trajectory

Size Of Hand: Having a large hand is an obvious reason to switch to over-sized golf grips. The reason is that regular grips force you to grip harder on the club. By gripping harder on the club, you loose accuracy because you’re over-gripping the club, not allowing for a fluent motion through impact.

Intensity Of Grips Strength: The intensity and strength of gripping varies among golfers. Many golfers face this problem and don’t realize it’s affecting their ball flight. You should always grip the club at about a five on a one to ten scale. If you grip the club too hard, it prevents your wrists from turning over on impact. If you grip the club too delicately, the clubface will turn on impact. This creates a slice and hook. So if you find yourself gripping the club too hard, you should try over-sized grips. If you grip isn’t strong enough, you may not need to switch grips. Instead, you should try using a grip enhancer to eliminate the clubface from shifting.

Grip Enhancers are great for golfers who don’t grip the club with enough strength. There are a few grip enhancers on the market that can greatly improve your flight trajectory. Look into these products:

Quick Grip: A Non-Sticky Spray That Prevents Slipping And Over-Gripping.


Handdri: A Sand like Substance That Creates Traction On The Club.


StickiGrips: A Cloth That Eliminate Moisture. Comes In A Re-Sealable Bag.


Many golfers who are affected by Arthritis tend to use Over-sized grips. By doing so, it alleviates the pressure of trying to grip the club with immense strength.

Flight Trajectory: If you tend to always hit a slice or hook, the problem could be your grips. As a righty, If you use regular grips and your shots tend to slice, its is because your not tuning your wrists over on impact. Over-Gripping on regular grips is a good indication that your hands are large, or you have a stronger grip. Try switching to over-sized grips and see if you notice an effect on trajectory.

If you use over-sized grips and you notice yourself hitting more slices and hook, it could be that your hands aren’t large enough for over-sized grips. There is a small difference in the circumference of an over-sized grip, but it could be the difference between a shot on the green or in the bunker.

The best way to evaluate what works best for you is to try both grips. It doesn’t hurt to take a few shots with a friends club who uses over-sized and then immediately switch back to regulars. You will know instantaneously what works best for you. Many golfers are starting to use over-sized grips on their woods and regulars on their irons. This is because golfers tend to swing more aggressively with irons than they do with woods. By trying both grips, you will find your liking and hopefully lower your scores.

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