Easy Step To Stop Leaking Power From Your Golf Swing

Stop Leaking Power From Your Golf Shots:
Power robbing ‘leaks’ in your golf swing can be costing you 50 or more yards on every shot.
One of the biggest power leaks that most golfers suffer from is called ‘throw away’ by the pros. But it is nothing more than breaking your wrists before impact. This can sometimes be hard to visualize so I’ve included some pictures.
The Science Behind The Golf Shot:
‘Throw Away’ may not seem like a big deal, but let me ask you to remember way back when you where in high school physics and you learned about torque. Torque=Force X Length of Lever
In reality it is a little more complicated, but this simplified version is good enough to understand how to maximize your golf swing.
So when you break down your wrists you are effectively cutting the length of the lever in half (not a good thing to do).
Why does breaking your wrists cut the lever in half? Well the lever is supposed to be your front arm plus the length of the golf club. Breaking your wrists before impact means the club alone is acting as the lever. This has the nasty side effect of also cutting your power in half.
So that was the science behind it but what it means to you is that ‘throw away’ or breaking your wrists is costing you tens of yards on every shot and it is really easy to fix.
Fixing ‘Throw Away’ in Your Golf Swing:
Fixing throw away doesn’t have to be complicated. In reality it is one of the simplest things in golf. Here’s how:
I always have people start with their chip shots. Practice locking your wrists in a flat left wrist bent right wrist position (opposite for you lefties). Now hit some chip shots with a wedge and see how it feels.
These chip shots should be super consistent because you are keeping your hands in a fixed in-line position. An added bonus of not breaking your wrists before impact is a major increase in consistency.

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