Easy Golf Alignment Tips For Better Accuracy On The Golf Courses

Golf alignment is a crucial issue for successful golf. Golfers who align correctly are setting themselves up for success. Their golf swing paths have a much better chance of being correct and in order. Golfers who don’t have good alignment on the other hand, will struggle with their swing paths and their golf shot direction control. It’s pretty tough to hit the golf ball close to your target when you are misaligned. You have to make compensations in your golf swing to offset this and it’s much harder to be consistent. Here I will go over a few simple keys you can use and apply to help your alignment on the golf course so you can start playing better golf.

First of all, it’s tough to know how to align correctly if you haven’t had much practice doing this. The first thing I recommend is spending some time at the driving range working on your alignment. All you need to do is place a club down on the ground that is in between your feet and the golf ball and parallel with your target line. You can hit balls to different targets but make sure you move your club so that it is always parallel with your target line. Doing this for a little while will actually make your body and mind learn how to align correctly so that when you go out to the course, it becomes almost automatic. That’s right, people say well you can’t have a club down when you are on the course, but this doesn’t matter. Your subconscious has had practice and feedback from correctly aligning at the driving range and it will carry over to the golf course.

The next thing that will help your alignment is to pick out an intermediate target on the golf course. This can be anything from a leaf or a discolored patch of grass a couple to a few feet in front of your golf ball and in line with your target. The biggest key with your intermediate target is to use it to line up your clubface. I always recommend that golfers first align their clubface as they walk into the golf ball and take their setup. The order that is best when getting setup to the ball is to first set your clubface down, then take and adjust your stance, and finally adjust your hips, shoulders, and body so that you feel comfortable and square to your target line.

It’s really important to be aware of your alignment in regards to your feet, but it’s almost equally important to be aware of your shoulder and hip alignment as well. You can get into your setup and simply take your club and put it across your shoulders. It should point parallel to your target line. This is helpful to do on the driving range but you can also do it on the course as well. However, it’s best to go through your normal routine afterwards so that you don’t distract yourself. Practicing with alignment drills will really help you to get comfortable and consistent with aiming correctly on the course. This will improve your swing path and you’ll lower your scores.

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