Drive Your Way to Success

Selecting the optimum driver for you is an essential step towards reigning supreme on the green. The role a gigantic drive can play in perfecting your game is immense. There are many drivers on the market that promise excellence and advancements in golf technology are constantly being made.

Competitive players must get a tight grip on the special driver that truly enhances performance and becomes an extension of their golfing prowess. Careful consideration of available brands and ranges is therefore crucial to achieving success.

There are a number of factors to bear in mind when comparing drivers. Should you opt for a durable, consistent and less expensive steel driver? Or pay a little extra for a lighter titanium model which offers a bigger head, larger sweet spot and greater forgiveness? The avid golfer may wish to invest in one of the increasingly popular composite drivers on the market. These create a greater sweet spot by covering a large lightweight carbon head with a titanium face, combining high forgiveness with formidable distance. Different brands have developed their own technologies through painstaking research. 2010 has seen a wealth of new Golf drivers from established designers.

Callaway has a very strong range of drivers engineered to gain more stability, distance and accuracy by utilising polar weighting and fusion technology.

Nike has crafted some top level drivers in their Victory Red range which provide lower spin rates and increased shot shaping control.

The current Cobra golf clubs line combines true forgiving performance with superior distance, while Titleist has also significantly raised the bar by producing excellent lightweight drivers.

Finally, the optimized speed and power delivered by Taylormade’s Burner Superfast makes them a force to be reckoned with. Of course, there are also a range of specially made ladies’ drivers available from all brands. As should be expected, the golf driver market mirrors the competitiveness of the golf course. Weigh up your options, consider your budget and decide which driver will best correct your weaknesses and bolster your strengths. Take the quality of your play seriously. Take time and effort over your choice of golf drivers. The result will be evident on the green when your levels of skill, performance and confidence increase with the yardage of your drive.

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