Designer Golf Wear From One Of Scotlands Favourite Brands

Although the Lyle & Scott brand of knitwear was founded in 1874, it wasn’t until the 1970’s it gained widespread popularity after the launch of its range of designer golf wear. However the brand failed to keep momentum and was all but forgotten throughout the eighties and nineties due to its association with the ‘casuals’ of the mid-eighties. However this downturn was reversed after the launch of their ‘vintage’ collection in 2003 which saw the reintroduction of its golden eagle logo which was quickly adopted by several popular indie bands along with a few youth TV presenters. This gave the brand some much-needed publicity and since then the brand has gone from strength to strength.

Lyle & Scott introduced their range of ladies golf wear in 1985. Their current range of golf clothing for the ladies forms part of both their Club and Vintage ranges and offers modern and fashionable golf clothes, sporting nautical inspired stripes, bright and bold colours along with more traditional golfing designs such as the classic golf jumper. Lyle & Scott’s range of golf clothes are designed for both the casual wearer as well as the professional golfer, and in recent years the brand has proved popular with Sheffield’s indie rock outfit The Arctic Monkeys, presenter and comedian Simon Amstel and television and radio host Dermot O’Leary.

Their current range of golf clothing features their usual range of sweaters and polo shirts which featured in both their ‘vintage’ and ‘heritage’ collections launched in 2003 and 2007 respectively. In 2009 Lyle & Scott launched a new line of golf clothes aimed at the younger golfer, aptly named the ‘club’ collection and features both casual and smarter golf clothing for both men and women. In addition to the traditional golf polo shirt and woollen jumper for which the brand is best known for, their current range of golf wear also includes soft shell fleece jackets, lightweight ‘wind stopper’ jackets and even hooded sweaters, all of which are perfect for the coming winter months.

In very recent years the brand has come on leaps and bounds as they have managed to reinvent themselves without losing sight of their heritage. In 2005 the Lyle & Scott brand opened their flagship store in London’s Covent Garden and surrounding streets, a long way from their roots on the Scottish border, but a lot closer to the fashion conscious youth who wear the Lyle & Scott eagle with pride.

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