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Golfers who don’t own a device that will assist them in figuring distances and gaining a big-picture view of the course are at a serious disadvantage. Any serious golf player should read this Bushnell Neo GPS review to learn about ways that they can use the products reviewed in order to improve their game. If you have any interest at all for golf, it’s worth it to check out the Bushnell Neo Golf GPS.

The Golf GPS by Bushnell GPS is a multi-purpose golf yardage aid. It automatically displays the distance and key points of any golf course. Any 10 courses can be stored and mapped for your use at any time. Use the USB connection to your PC to download courses instantly.

You can calculate the distance to the hold, as well as see where traps and hazards lie so you can avoid them. Having a GPS device can be handy for figuring out your yardage, once you have the pin in your line of vision. You’ll know exactly how many yards you are to the pin, whether or not you can see the green, making it very fortunate to have one of these devices. Your play will be quicker, with less stalling to figure out the course, because you will already know the course.

What Neo users are saying…

“I’ve started using this device. They could work to tweak the software. I was able to figure it out even though it would not install on my D: drive as I requested…. I haven’t found a course that I play on that I couldn’t download, and the course downloads are very easy.”

“Easy to use, instructions could be a little better. It was a bit difficult to insert and name new points. Handy tool a very reasonable cost.”

“Simple to set up and use, works well and is a good value. You can use the Neo very easily, and it’s very compact. I’ve used it in four states and found that it gives great basic, accurate information on distances, which is what I want.”

One of the smallest golf GPS units out there, the Bushnell Neo is extremely convenient to carry with you during your game. Being practical and user-friendly are two of its greatest assets. The custom mapping feature alone is worth the price but in this game, it is results that counts; so judge it solely on its ability to reduce your strokes and playing time. If you’re looking for a simple low-cost product to help you with your golf game, take a look at this one.

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