Cheap Golf Shoes – How To Buy Quality Discount Golf Shoes

Cheap Golf Shoes can be better than some of the most expensive golf shoes. More than likely when buying a golf shoe, most people will purchase a brand name. Well known brands will obviously cost more because of marketing and advertising. These, however may not be the ‘best’ to buy. Just because a brand has been around awhile, does not necessarily make them the best, especially when you want discount.

Take a close look at golf as an industry. Most golfers wear a regular traditional ‘work’ or ‘dress’ shoe to play golf. The are made of leather and look more like something you wear to work, than a regular athletic sneaker. Try to imagine playing basketball in something like this. Impossible right? That is because there is little flexibility to a traditional golf shoe. Take a basketball sneaker in your hand, and it will bend and fold easier. There is ‘less feel’ to a traditional golf shoe and represents a box type instead of an athletic sneaker like in most other sports.

Most golfers would be better off finding a less expensive ‘cheap’ golf shoe that would contour with the ground much easier. By being able to ‘feel’ the ground, you will be able to allow your body to contour with the variations on the golf course to hit a variety of golf shots more effectively. Golf also is a sport, and needs to be played with the greatest flexibility possible. Traditional golf shoes do not offer that option.

Be sure when looking to buy, that it must also have ridged edges on the bottom for traction. This could also include soft spikes made from hard plastic or rubber. The shoe top should be a ‘soft leather’ or mesh top to allow the greatest flexibility when walking. Comfort and feel should be your best judge.

The best place to shop would be online. Look at eBay or Amazon. Also do a search in Google or yahoo. Research is the best option here. Also be sure to check your local Sunday newspapers, and fliers at your local sporting goods stores. When you golf, visit the pro shop for other options. Lastly, plan ahead. When you see your golf shoe start to deteriorate, begin your search. This will give you plenty of time.

Durability and strength are also important components in your buying decisions. For example ‘boat shoes’ would be great to play golf in. They are lightweight, flexible, and very comfortable. They are not durable however, when you twist and turn you will start to compromise the shoe and it may tear or rip. So find the best trade off between comfort and feel, vs. strength and durability and you will be very happy with your new feel.

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