Can Golf Clothing Improve Your Game?

golf clothingAdmittedly, no clothing is going to transform you in to Tiger Woods over night, but great golf clothing can most certainly help enhance your game, giving you the extra edge you need when you’re playing with friends. We take a look at the key pieces you need to invest in to help improve your game.


The Importance of Comfort
First of all, you need to be comfortable on the green. The clothes you wear firstly have to fit perfectly so that they do not effect your swing. Being comfortable, relaxed and confident are key components for a great game of golf – and selecting golf clothing that is comfortable and breathable is key. Many top brands such as Galvin Green, Adidas and Nike have a wide range of trousers, polo’s and jackets designed to provide maximum comfort, stretch and breathability on the green.

Perfect Golf Gloves
One key accessory needed for any keen golfer, is a great pair of golfing gloves. Ensure the gloves fit perfectly, and give you right amount of grip. With too much grip, the club will not pivot as you drive through the ball, and without, it could slip from your fingers, leading to a weak, inaccurate shot. As much as the club itself is important, the gloves give you the ability to use that club up to its full potential. In this way, you could say that they are just as important as the clubs themselves!

Golfing Shoes
Not only is comfortable and stable footwear important for walking, stable footing is extremely important to your performance. Professional golfers take their selection of footwear very seriously, and so should you. Your new golf shoes should give you space to wiggle your toes, feel secure yet give you room for your feet to breathe. Golf shoes should be a little tighter than your day to day shoes, as you will need extra support from your whole body when swinging the club – and if your shoes are too loose this can also cause you to slide or loose stability when swinging the club. For high quality, affordable Golf shoes, Ecco and Nike are favourites with many high profile professionals.

Waterproofs and Outerwear
Unless you are playing golf on the greens of Florida or the south of Spain, weather conditions are never certain. That’s why using technical elements such as breathable and insulating fabrics within golf clothing will allow you maintain and movement while staying protected from whatever the weather may have in store. Invest in lightweight base layers and waterproofs to keep you protected, yet still able to move on the green. Golf clothing specialists Galvin Green have a great range of outerwear perfect for staying warm and protected, plus, looking stylish.

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