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To commemorate this callaway golf driver landmark, they have launched a limited edition version of the popular Callaway FT-i driver, which has been hailed as the worlds straightest ever golf driver. Only 2600 of these drivers will be produced and each will be individually numbered, making for a truly valuable collector’s item. Each driver will feature silver colouring on the crown, sole, shaft and grip.

The vision of founder Ely Callaway was to take unconventional thinking and apply this to the design of equipment intended to improve and enhance the game of golf. The first of many successful products in achieving this aim was the Callaway Big Bertha driver, which is widely regarded as being one of the greatest innovations golf has ever seen.

This innovation continues to this day, with the Callaway FT-i driver. The FT-i’s unique Inertial design which raises moment of impact for unparalleled resistance to twisting, making for one of the most forgiving clubs that money can buy.

Using Callaway’s unique fusion technology, the FT-i driver incorporates proprietary technology to create maximum perimeter weighting. This makes for more discretionary weight, meaning precise positioning and exceptional stability on off-centre hits. Players can customise the club to suit the game and achieve optimum performance levels.

With a patented OptiFit weighting system, the club allows golfers to choose from one of 2 centre of gravity locations. Draw reduces the impact of slice/fade shots and neutral enables maximum workability.

Top car manufacturers BMW were consulted in the design of the FT-i’s radically complex clubhead with a crown, which merges into the back of the club like a car bonnet. This square head incorporates full carbon body technology, representing comprehensive weight reduction when compared to the use of titanium.

In using a lightweight carbon body that weighs only 42g, the Callaway FT-i has been able to push as much weight as possible into the far corners of the head, dramatically increasing the club’s ability to resist twisting on off-centre hits and thus increase the Moment of Inertia (MOI) for straighter drives.

The Callaway FT-i’s square shape allows weight to be located outside the weighting zone of a traditional driver. Extra weight is also located in the heel, to help square the face at impact. This means that shots that are hit away from the centre of the clubface still go straight.

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