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Surfing the web is a great task and very time-consuming when trying to locate specific items. Locating one location which houses education, solutions, and answers for your golfing concerns is very helpful. Become a golf member utilizing the talents of a PGA pro and tour golf coach.

Golf member

There is much information on golf on the internet highway. There are not enough hours in a day to canvas for specific information which you need. Your searching time is taking you away from the golf course.

Become a golf member with one website because it works to your advantage and level of understanding. You are able to focus. Working a shotgun approach with many websites is too messy, unorganized, and disconnected.

One website can provide techniques, tips, and more:

Drive the ball farther
Sink more putts
Shave strokes off your game
Lower your handicap
Become the best that you can be

What are we not doing?

I think it is safe to say that most of us want to be better than an average player. Worse, there is always one player in the group who has the ability to drive the ball for longer distances, shoot straighter, and sink those putts which are farther out. That person gets the recognition and attention for their drive and putting abilities.

It makes us feel bad because we are not living up to our abilities and expectations of our golfing skills.

Real-world practical advice

It is time to get professional instruction which is realistic and doable. We need to learn real-world, practical advice. Take another look at your golfing buddies. If the majority of the players are playing poorly you have no mentors. Your results will be poor because of the low expectations or skills of your fellow players. To be better, you need to surround yourself with better players.

I know it hurts when you see your fellow players seemingly holding you back from playing a better game of golf. But I feel and you feel that you can do better. We can break away from our group in a pleasant way or persuade the group to improve and do it as a team.

If my buddies are not able to improve and I want to, then I need to move on to better players who are able to educate me and find those instructors which have helped them to become their best. It will also save my searching time for those good instructors.

Affordable instruction

Golf coaches paid by the hour are available; however, if you are the average income person, like me, this expense is not affordable. I have found electronic books to be more affordable as well as convenient.

Another affordable opportunity when downloading golfing instruction is to belong to a monthly program. This type of information is always current.

Become the top dog in your group

It is important to learn correct golfing techniques, professional tricks, and professional secrets which will help you and me to become better golfers and bring the lime light of attention and respect our way.

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