A Perfect Golf Release: Hands Dictate The Outcome

When you watch golf, there may be many different looking swings, but I can tell you the hands release the same in nearly every golf swing. There are many ways you can screw this up, but when you get it right, what your golf ball will do off your clubface is pure magic.

There are many common faults golfers perform that result in mishits, lack of distance, and consistency.

Early Release Golf Swing

This is probably the most common one among golfers who can’t break 90. It’s a premature letting go of the angle (lag) in your right wrist early in the downswing. Doing this will cause everything from thinning your ball, to chunking it, to hitting way off the toe.

All of these will destroy accuracy and rob you of a ton of yards. Golfers can’t figure it out why they have difficulty hitting straight shots, and this could be one of the reasons why.

Late Release

This is a good players problem. Where they retain the angle in the wrists too long, and then have to flip/roll it through impact to compensate for the late, wide open clubface at impact.

I tell most of the golfers I work with this is not something they need to worry about, but it may be something to actually do to train your body the other extreme of releasing too early.

Perfect Release

This happens once in a great while for high handicap golfers, and a bit more often per round for the better golfers. For the 90’s golfer, it will almost feel like you’re coming in with your hands way deep (past the ball at impact). But as you turn them over, and drive your right shoulder through the shot, you’ll watch that ball explode off your clubface.

The right wrist stays bent longer, and then through impact turns over, and the left hand turns down. This squares the face, and compresses the golf ball. This is the perfect hit onto the ball. It will even have a different sound.

Watch It On Video

One of the best ways to get a visual understand of this is to watch it on video. If you watch professional golf on the television, at least once per round, they’ll do a slow motion of the hands, and it’s eye opening. When you see this you’ll start to comprehend what you need to do to have a near perfect release in your golf swing.

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